Quintessence Guitars


2017, year of my 40 years, with the guitars of the brand Headway, under the name

Japan Guitar Experience

The Japanese brand, which also celebrated its 40 years this year and, belongs to the group Deviser (Bacchus, SeventySeven, Momose, STR,…), manufactures guitars entirely handmade.



So, guitars are at home now, but how to make them known to the general public?
Luthier’s showcases …

First show, at Puteaux, near Paris, and my first meeting with guitar’s luthier, beautiful instrument

Shapes, design, soundinnovationmy curiosity makes me give up my booth to try some guitars. Behind each guitar, the craftsman is hidden, discreet, modest but attentive and so passionate.


Few months later, “Belle Guitare” showcase at Montrouge, a magical place, and there again some fascinating instruments.

This is the beginning of…


Quintessence Guitars

2018, 22th of January, it’s official, new name.

New website, new Facebook page, new business cards, and new goodies,…

We are in early July, and my appointments with the luthiers are planned.

I look forward to meeting them, exchanging their history, their techniques.

To be continued…